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A speeding ticket can be expensive. Georgia counties and cities impose some of the highest speeding fines in the United States. In addition, the Georgia legislature recently passed a “Super Speeder” law which imposes an additional $200.00 fine on any driver who receives a speeding citation for speeds that are 15 mph greater than the posted speed limit. If you just pay the traffic fine you will receive this additional “Super Speeder” fine in the mail approximately 30 days later. With both a local speeding ticket and a “Super Speeder” fine, it is not uncommon for a speeding ticket in Georgia to cost a total of $500.00 to $1,000.00 depending upon the speed that you were alleged to have traveled. Let Us Help You Fight That Ticket!

Jason M. Ferguson prosecuted hundreds of traffic cases. Let this experience work for you. Our Georgia traffic ticket Law Firm effectively represents people facing speeding tickets, traffic citations, and criminal charges throughout the state. We fight to protect the rights of all kinds of drivers, including young drivers under the age of 21, commercial drivers who hold CDLs, and out-of-state drivers from North Carolina and Florida.
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    Recent Case Results

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    Speeding for Out of State Driver (Male Driver 24)

    Ashburn Municipal Court

    Penalty Reduced – No Points

    Speeding for an Out of State Driver (Male 42)

    Spark County

    Penalty Reduced – No Points

    DUI and Speeding (Female 21)
    Fulton County State Court

    Not Guilty

    Speeding for under 21 driver (Male 19)
    Dublin County Recorders Court

    Reduced Penalty & Drivers License Reinstated

    Reckless Driving for Out of State Driver (Other 37)
    Tift County State Court

    Penalties Reduced – No Points