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Jason Ferguson with Ticket Help 411 is a steadfast advocate to those who have been charged with any form of a traffic violation. Our Georgia Speeding Ticket Law Firm is well aware of how much can be at stake; even with infractions that could seem minor, you face the risk of walking away with permanent consequences. Entrust your case to a skilled speeding ticket lawyer who knows an effective method of getting you the results you need.

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    Whether it’s for running a red light, speeding, or texting while driving, most drivers will at some point be cited for a moving violation. A traffic ticket isn’t the end of the world. But dealing with a citation is a hassle, and if you’re ultimately found guilty, there can be long-lasting consequences.

    Typically, motorists have several options for resolving a traffic ticket. The quickest and easiest way is to just pay the ticket and move on. In most states, a motorist can pay a ticket online or through the mail. Though convenient, paying a ticket this way has its drawbacks: Generally, you’ll be admitting guilt, be paying the maximum fine, and have demerit points assessed to your driving record. Depending on your situation, participating in traffic school or fighting the ticket could be a better alternative. And even if you do plan to admit fault, doing so personally in court — as opposed to through the mail or Internet — can sometimes result in a lesser fine. Which option is best often depends on individual circumstances.